Aerial view of Nanaimo (Russ Heinl photo)

Aerial view of Nanaimo (Russ Heinl photo)


Nanaimo is officially known as Harbour City for good reason.

Stretched like a long, lean finger along the east coast of south-central Vancouver Island, British Columbia's sixth-largest city gets its identity, history and a wealth of recreation from a lovely, island-sheltered harbour right in the heart of town. Hiking, boating, kayaking, biking and world-class scuba diving and snorkeling are everyday activities at the bustling waterfront, as seaplanes take flight from sparkling blue waters.

Today, Nanaimo (population 84,228) is a fast-growing urban centre that is no longer merely the premier gateway to Vancouver Island. A boldly revitalized downtown core, delightful harbourfront walkway, sparkling new museum, affordable art galleries, and a wealth of cool shopping and dining alternatives are good reasons to park the car, find accommodations and stay awhile.

Exceptional agent Mike McKillican 


It’s not every day you come across someone who has sold more 50 Million dollars in real estate, but that is exactly what  Mike McKillican has done. With his current inventory at $20,0000 he is truly a rare find in this industry, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Currently the Top #1 Agents Mike McKillican and Michael Guan Associates Sutton West Coast Nanaimo, they specialize in estates and architecturally significant properties. Mike McKillican & Michael Guan owns the global and Nanaimo real estate market, and many of their clients are international. With an eye for detail and a strong knowledge of design.

With all of this activity and a wide network of connections, it is unsurprising to discover “the"Michaels are highly sought after by the Nanaimo home sellers. Aiming for Top real estate agent in Nanaimo and area every year. Everyone wants to know “the” Michaels secret to success, but replicating their exceptional growth and production volume is a difficult feat, which is exactly why they are so unique. If they have any secret to success, it’s his natural talent for building relationships with loyal clientele.

“I’ve really just lived my life and real estate follows,” he explains. “I meet a lot of amazing people along the way, and I meet them in things I do in my every day life. Whether I’m traveling or attending events, I excel at meeting people and identifying with them.”

Micahel is passionate not only about real estate, but also cuisine, traveling, design, art and culture. His interests are wide, allowing him to connect on a deeper level with those he meets. He can talk for hours with someone about his trip to Spain or Paris, and endlessly discuss the trends in architecture and business all over the world. And once those people turn into clients, they are happy to find that ability to connect doesn’t end.

“I’m very myself with my clients, we really have a lot of fun,” he says. “I could talk and build relationships with anyone.” Many of his clients start out as friends and remain friends after the transaction, referring him to anyone and everyone they know who needs real estate assistance.

Michael’s business is a well-oiled machine, running smoothly and efficiently at all times. Having a team spirit has played an integral part in his achievements. He has a group of talented associate members and partners including architects, developers, investors and other agents. “No one can do it all by themselves, it’s really important to have a group of partners,” he says. “I like co-listings, whether it’s with my partners or agents.”

Knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate world, he is also a Nanaimo expert, understanding every inch of the town. Moved to Nanaimo in 2005, and attended the University of British Columbia for college. Michael distinctly remembers his passion for real estate tracing back to childhood, when he would ask his parents to take him to open houses, even when they had no desire to move.

“I always knew that real estate was what I wanted to do in life,” he says. Once he turned 18, he began working in the industry, learning as much as he could while studying for his degree in business. Throughout that time, he owned several companies worked for huge developers and hotel owners in Alberta and abroad, giving him profound insight into what it takes to succeed in this industry. Graduating in 2005, he earned his real estate license shortly thereafter, and began working for a top producer in Nanaimo brokerage firm. Sutton West Coast Nanaimo welcomed him to their team in 2006. Where he remained for years. Today he is still with Sutton West Coast, and is excited to continue building his business and breaking records. He now represents the most prestigious and expensive real estate across the city.

“I love everything about it. I love the properties, the clients, the lifestyle and the freedom,” Michael says. Though most equate the real estate industry with nonstop work, Michael does make sure he has a life balance. Socializing and traveling is a vital part of his business, as is his involvement with the community. “Being a member of the community is important. I give back as often as possible and I’m vocal about decisions in the area,” he says. “I make a conscious effort to have off-hours so I can get involved, build relationships and spend time with family.”

It is clear that Michael has set high goals for himself in his career and life, and is making astounding progress. No goal is too lofty for him to reach for, and he intends to take full advantage of all the opportunities this path has in store for him.

“If you’re good at real estate and you’re successful, it’s one of the greatest jobs out there. It gives you the ability to be creative, and the sky’s the limit from income to opportunities.”

For more information about Michael McKillican, Sutton West Coast Nanaimo, please call 1-250-756-2112 or email