Home inspector's in Nanaimo. Why pay for a professional home inspection?


I always wondered why buyers would not get a home inspection. To many times I have experienced a great number of repairs and significant issues found during home inspections. 


I ask my clients why would you spend hundreds of thousands on a home and not spend 400-600 dollars on a proper home inspection?

New or old bottom line is there could vary well be issues you cannot see, that could cost you alot of money. My suggestion view the home a few times before writing, make a list of visual issues and write the offer acordingly.


Issues that are visiblel to the naked eye like: roof condition, under sink leaks, the smell of mold, rot, window condensation ect. Should be roughly priced out before your offer and then write.


This way when you do get a home inspection, the new issues that are most likely not foreseen won't frustrate the deal when you attempt to re-negotiate the contract. 


Simply put in my opinion get a home inspection. 



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