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My mission is to provide a wealth of real estate related information while connecting home buyers and sellers looking to relocate with a local real estate professional.


The relocation and actual moving process is difficult enough without having to worry about finding an experienced and qualified top REALTOR® to assist you in the process of buying and/or selling your home. Michael is  top real estate agents and has the local knowledge to help you find the right relocation and any other services related to moving and real estate transactions to facilitate your relocation process.


No matter where you are in life, the moving and relocation process can easily become overwhelming.  Michael will help you, the home buyer and real estate seller looking to move on Vancouver island or to relocate over great distances. If you are currently working with a relocation company abroad and would like a professional to provide a positive buying or selling experience please pass on my name I would love to work with you. 


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Why move to Nanaimo?

Nanaimo BC Activities Thanks to its proximity to the water, there are plenty of outdoor activities that will be sure to lure your family outdoors to enjoy things like snorkeling and SCUBA diving, or perhaps even a stroll along the waterfront. You can also enjoy hiking, boating, and biking alongside the brilliant blue water thanks to a harbour front designed to be family-friendly. You’re near gorgeous skiing resorts and ocean beaches so year-round options are always open to you, or you can check out the WildPlay Elements Park for bungee jumping and obstacle courses. But, if you are more into indoor activities, there are plenty of ways to be entertained here, too. Shopping and dining options abound, as well as museums and art galleries. The city got its start thanks to the Vancouver Coal Company, transitioning to lumber as the main industry in the 1960s. The old part of town has lovely historic buildings as well as an arts district with performance spaces, too. Shopping The northern part of the city has plenty of shopping to meet every need, and when you are done, you can check out some of the beautiful parks for a picnic or a day hike. Snacks during a break in shopping can be accommodated at an authentic pub or at a small bakery. As you head down the TransCanada Highway towards Victoria, you can find some of the idyllic farms that produce berries, apples, and vegetables, some of which you can find at farmers’ markets on Sunday. It’s easy to get to the area thanks to the BC Ferry system, or you can catch a short hop flight from Vancouver or Seattle. Highs in the summer average in the 70s, while lows are near freezing during the winter, making this a very temperate and pleasant climate.